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Roger Web Certificate




Roger Technology's web certificate is an identification web logo, used by our company in order to regulate the publication of branded products and their prices, in other companies web-sites or e-commerce platforms, whom intend to offer Roger Technology's solutions, through B2C web platforms, to commercial operators and mainly customers. 

The main focus of the “WEB CERTIFICATE” logo is to communicate to potential customers, so internet viewers, that only web-sites or e-commerce platforms branded with this logo are authorised by Roger Technology, to ensure procedures about distribution and correct publication of prices through B2C web channels, in order to guarantee a series of services and respect of the products established by Roger Technology. 

The logo, “WEB CERTIFICATE”, protect and inform professional figures and potential customers about the following points: 

Roger Technology is not responsible for the provenience or the authenticity, or the prices proposed, by web-sites or e-commerce platforms without the “WEB CERTIFICATE” logo. In the very same way Roger Technology reserves the right not to provide with the original manufacturer warranty and related technical support to customers with products purchased in platforms without the “WEB CERTIFICATE” logo, since they are not officially certified by Roger Technology. 

For any information about conditions of use, or the logics of publication of the logo “WEB CERTIFICATE”, you can contact Roger Technology SRL commercial service.