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Digital Brushless


A technology that offers maximum performance but consumes less power than other motors. The revolutionary digital motor with 12 unique features.

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3-Phase Digital Brushless Motor

A very powerful motor with substantial torque. The motor is compact and neat due to the special concentrated coil windings, it is powered by a three phase sinusoidal system.


Digital & Vectorial Automation Controller

The BRUSHLESS digital controller, which operates at low voltage 36V DC, allows 100% control of the automation system in digital mode.Due to its operation entirely based on a DSP microcontroller the travel and all the movements of your automation system can therefore be programmed and customised easily, precisely and elegantly.

The Digital Silence Of The Motor

One great impact is the silence or the near absence of noise, generated by the BRUSHLESS motor during all its movements.                                                     


Motor For Super-Intensive Use

We wanted to surprise our customers with a product that was fundamentaly different to any other product on the market. Fact: our motor remains permanently cold even after many days of super intensive use.

Speed, Acceleration & Deceleration With Extreme Elegance

The automation system with brushless digital technology creates perfect and elegant movements. With a constant force and torque at every point and with the option of varying the speed on deceleration and acceleration the system can be managed with maximum safety.

Extremely Low Energy Consumption

A motor that can operate at low voltage in super-intensive use and which can operate in environments with extremely demanding weather conditions while maintaining very low energy consumption and absorption levels. We can move a 600 kg sliding gate and use less than 30W of power.

Impact, Obstacle Detection & Reversal In Total Safety

Thanks to digital technology we are able to detect an obstacle and reverse the motor instantly, by simply specifying the torque of the motor, the sensitivity, the time and the travel of the reversal. All in full compliance with safety requirements.

Onboard Native Digital Encoder

The BRUSHLESS motor has a highly advanced native digital encoder that controls management of automation systems in a safe, precise and extremely elegant manner.

No Problem In The Event Of Power Failure

With the help of internal or external batteries and the associated battery charging card, your automation system continues to operate for a considerable time even during prolonged power cuts, ensuring many more operations than traditional technologies.

Motor At Ambient Temperature                                                             

The brushless motor was created with the main goal of being a motor for super intensive use and with a 99% efficiency. Regardless of how many operations the engine performs in a day, it allways remains cold or at the most reaches the outside ambient temperature.

Simple Installation With A Single 3-Wire Cable                                    

And the BRUSHLESS motor can be installed by simply connecting it using a single 3-wire cable! What could be easier? This will provide fully digital management of your automation system thanks to sensorless or sensored technology depending on the type of automation system.

Advanced Precision Engineering To Obtain Optimal Motor Performance

We have created a mechanism that gives you the opportunity to get the maximum performance out of the motor. A product which combines the quality of the internal production processes, the mechanical processing and the use of high quality ferrous and non-ferrous materials.